15 Jan

The Importance of Learning Business Mandarin

Business Mandarin language is increasing in demand mainly because people would like to deal more efficiently on a global scale. When it comes to business there is a good chance you’ll meet a Chinese business owner or Chinese businessman when in your business trips. That can be one of the reasons you’ll need to know business mandarin because learning the language can give you an edge.

The Benefit of Business Mandarin Globally

China is one of the most populous countries in the world, and the probability of you meeting one may be 1 out of 5 people. Learning business Mandarin can help you present your business interest in a more confident and exciting way.

Most people would say that learning Mandarin is enough and business mandarin is similar to it. This for some may think that business mandarin isn’t as useful and tend to ignore the language. It’s true that mandarin and business mandarin is the same language, however, that’s not entirely true when it comes to business mandarin terms and Chinese business etiquettes.

Singapore, for instance, is a well-developing country that has lots of opportunities for business seekers. If you were to learn Mandarin in Singapore there is a high possibility that business Mandarin course is offered. This is because most people in Singapore are Chinese and it’s best to know the basic business etiquettes before you do business.

Basic Chinese Business Etiquettes

In Singapore there is a wide variety of cultures, however, Chinese etiquettes are the most common. Here are some tips to keep in mind on how Chinese business etiquette is:

First Impressions

This will definitely be the first because the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is often ignored. In your first meeting, the best impression you can always give is with a proper handshake. A firm but gentle grip is ideal, if you squeeze too strong you may be judged to be an aggressive person.

Body Language

Now that you’ve got your first impressions done, onward to business and keep in mind having a great body language to convey your words is great. However, there are some on which you must watch out for or never do such as finger snapping, whistling or fidgeting although these are unlikely to happen it’s still considered rude.

Now here are what you must really avoid doing in your meeting, showing the soles of your shoes if ever you like to cross your legs or pointing your index finger. Just avoid these and you’ll still keep your meeting in a good course.

Saying Nothing Is Better

During your business meeting if ever you do forget what you want to say, don’t fill it in with useless words that totally mess up what you mean. Instead, it’s more respectable if you just take a pause and gather your thoughts then deliver what you have to say. Unlike other cultures where continuously talking shows your integrity, in Chinese business etiquette silence is a better strategy to use.

Now that you know some etiquettes that you must know finally practising or learning business mandarin can give you a better chance of accomplishing your goals in your meetings. Not only does business mandarin teach you proper language or terms to use in business, it also teaches you more etiquettes, strategies in marketing and many more!