Conversational Mandarin Course

Singapore is a special place. Everyone speaks English, yet in many situations, Singaporeans choose speak Mandarin to each other. If you’ve come to work or study in Singapore, you can’t help but feel awkward around local colleagues, classmates and friends at times. And while Singaporean Chinese tend to be really considerate and will speak English whenever you’re part of the conversation, you’d wish they didn’t to always need make all that effort for you. It makes you feel like an outsider.

That’s exactly what our conversational Mandarin course is designed to help you do.

Focus of the course

We start from scratch; not with tons of grammar patterns and all kinds of tedious theory, but with skills you can actually use from day 1. Our Chinese speaking course brings you what you need to start speaking Chinese as soon as humanly possible.


When you see a Chinese word written in normal letters, how do you pronounce it? With this skill you can use a travel dictionary and make yourself understood.

We prioritize those situations that are likely to happen very frequently, so that you can start putting your newly acquired conversation skills to the test immediately. You likely order food a couple of times a day. And food is a great conversation starter. This is just one example of regularly recurring situations, whether in Singapore or in China.

Impossible to learn Chinese in Singapore? Not for Johan

Etiquette and culture:

Even if you know how to say things in Chinese, it can be tricky to know what to say. A straight translation from English to Mandarin is often not going to be very helpful without understanding the cultural context. That is why our Chinese speaking course adds context whenever a topic is covered.


Now the question on your mind is probably, do I need to learn Chinese characters in this course? No. We think it’s more effective to learn basic conversation first, which is quicker to achieve.

That’s why we don’t cover any Chinese writing or reading in these 6 levels of Conversational Mandarin. If you have the ambition to read and write, it is included in our business Chinese course.


You can be assured that our course price is not the lowest in Singapore. Why? We know your time is limited, and you’re likely taking this course on top of a heavy day-to-day schedule.

That’s why we choose to maximize the quality of your valuable time in many ways:

  • Small group instruction for maximum personal relevance
  • Only experienced, tried and tested Chinese teachers.
  • The best curriculum to give you progress from day 1!

Now, all of this may sound great, but we realize that we can never truly believe us unless you experience it first hand. That’s why we strongly recommend you to take a free trial class with us before signing up for the course.

To set a convenient date for your trial class (or ask any question), simply contact us!

We offer a free trial class.