As the population and global influence of China increase it becomes clear that in time, Mandarin would be close to becoming the next lingua franca in the future. China now is developing rapidly and there are lots of Chinese people who are immigrating to other countries. You would normally see at least one Chinese person every day in different parts of the world. In Singapore, there are many Chinese immigrants who’ve settled there, which makes it almost a prerequisite to learning Mandarin in Singapore.

Why Mandarin Can Be The Next Lingua Franca

As of the now we’ve all been accustomed to speak English globally when interacting with other nationalities. There is a possibility that this may change and become mandarin, as Chinese influence could overtake the English as the main language in communicating with others. So far, English is dominant on a global scale and the U.S English has dominated the 20th and early 21st century. In the past, the initial spread of English was because of the British Empire along with other languages such as Latin, French, and Romanian.

The strongest argument for the growth of Chinese language is because of economics. China will soon surpass the U.S. and become the world’s largest economy, which makes learning mandarin a great option for businessmen. As a country grows the language will in turn spread and become acknowledged. In a long-term perspective, China will be a great influence in the economy and will provide opportunities for the next generations to come.

In addition to this, English could be following the footsteps of Latin, and other languages that become diminished in mainstream usage. Meanwhile, China will race ahead towards a standard mandarin, as the world globalizes and continue to emphasize the importance of commerce and communications, we must pay attention to the economy and social trends. These two trends lead to a clue that China will dominate the 21st century.

China Is Already Approaching Globally

It won’t matter if you have plans to live in China or not, having the ability to speak Mandarin can have a huge advantage when collaborating with Chinese travellers who are relocating overseas. There are many products that China produces that we use and consume and in time, you may be part of that workforce which is why learning mandarin comes into play.

Becoming an expert in speaking mandarin isn’t easy, but that’s why there are schools for you to go to. Especially in Singapore, there are lots of schools that train people to speak mandarin because sooner or later Chinese people will be most dominant in the country and being able to speak the language can be a bonus.

Most Chinese people are business-minded, and they would normally relocate to other parts of the world to start a business. Because of this, many countries would soon realize that learning mandarin isn’t an option but a privilege for you to have more opportunities in achieving your career and goals.

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