30 Jun

Expats in Singapore: The Pros & Cons of Moving to Singapore

It’s relatively easy to tell why there are lots of expats in Singapore today. It isn’t only because of Mandarin learning but due to more reasons. This place is simply what many describe as utopia due to its attractive propositions. From career growth to everything, individuals and families easily fall in love with all it can offer.

You might find it really tempting to move now! Though, try considering these pros and cons before doing it. Check out here why you should or shouldn’t become an expat in Singapore at this time.

1. Housing

If you’re fine with living in high-rise condo or apartment building, Singapore will surely be perfect for you. Bungalows and backyard homes are rarities here. In essence, the government opted for more parks and green spaces than those.

Pro: Apartment and condos are really nice in Singapore. All of them are already complete with amenities you can only dream. From swimming pools to playgrounds and gyms, you can have all get it in one place. You don’t even need to get out of your own building! Aside from it, there are so many to choose from. There’s the government-owned and private-owned spaces.

Cons: Rent is high, this is the sad news you need to know above all before deciding to move. I know! You still need to learn Mandarin in Singapore then here’s another disadvantage. To take note, you might still score a nice deal if you would consider the suburban spaces. Some condos and apartment have adjusted well with this kind of situation. Many owners give reasonable discounts today.

2. Safety

Singapore is one of the safest places today. The country has the most high-tech devices for the police. You might not see them around but they surely monitor everything. If you want this, then, you might need to decide to become an expat now.

Pros: Walking at night is nothing in Singapore! You can go anywhere in the country alone without thinking about safety. The crime rate is the best possible evidence for this feat. Because of the strict punishment the government employs, even foreigners are afraid to break it. Everyone speaks Chinese, English and more languages here. Hence, it’s easy to ask around too.

Cons: Pickpocketing is rampant in Singapore. This is perhaps the thing you need to be careful when you move to the country. Because of the strictness of the law here, people commonly leave their belongings anywhere. This sparked the increase of the crime.

3. Social Network

Meeting new friends in Singapore is really easy. Due to the high rate of expats in the area, many can easily find a fellow citizen anywhere. Also, people are warm here. You might just want to consider Mandarin learning first.

Pros: If you’re an adult, work will surely give you time to meet many people. This is also the same for students. Because of the diversity of races in Singapore, they aren’t choosy whom to become friends with. Connecting to locals is also another great thing to try. Simply, it’s better to get connected with many things to get more network of people.

Cons: Most people speak Mandarin in the place. As an expat, you might first consider learning Mandarin in Singapore. Besides English, it is the main language they use to communicate. Work environment and schools likewise promote the utilization of it. If you don’t want to have a hard time, better learn it beforehand.