May 2019 22
US vs China trade war
Posted By : Alex Lim

If you have been reading, you would have come across the latest news about Google banning Huawei’s phone users from accessing Google’s suite of services i.e. Gmail, maps and etc. If you think the US…

May 2019 15
Learning another language
Posted By : Alex Lim

Image from The New Paper Urge Singaporeans to learn more languages: Minister Singapore Education Minister, Mr Ong Yu Kung, recently highlighted the importance of learning a 3rd language to about 40 students from 21 schools.…

November 2017 15
You’re Still Asking Why Learn Mandarin?
Posted By : Alex Lim

Mandarin Chinese is considered one of the 6 official UN languages – the other languages being English, Spanish, French, Russian and Arabic. Spoken by a billion people worldwide, is also the most used language. Apart…