Success Stories

Here is one of the Yi Mandarin success story received from our student.


“Hi, guys,

I’m unsure when this mail will reach you, but I wanted to send over a huge thank you!! Like most others, I wanted to learn Mandarin because I’m in Asia and Mandarin is a big market. I tried to look around in different schools and finally committed myself to a school but I realized a big issue.

They focus a lot on writing which is not practical.

I want something which is more practical something that we can use every day.

I quit that school and joined Yi Mandarin and I never looked back!

Yi Mandarin focuses on conversational skills which is immediately useful to me. Like ordering a plate of chicken rice or asking for directions, you can’t do that with writing!

Thanks again – you can be sure I will be sticking to Yi Mandarin for sure.

Can’t wait to see what it does in a year!

I really happy to spread the good news and I agree to do a video interview with Yi Mandarin, check out my video here


Insung Cho