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As a professional with highly specialized expertise, being able to convey your recommendations precisely is essential to success. No matter how brilliant you, if you cannot get the message into colleagues’ and clients’ heads, it’s all to no avail.

And professional communication doesn’t travel well between languages and cultures. If you received your professional training in English, you’re likely to be most comfortable to practice your profession in that language, since so many terms are highly specific to the profession. Even if you feel very comfortable speaking Mandarin in social situations, you may get a mental block once you need to use it while doing your work.

And that’s a pity. Because professionals who can be a true intermediary between countries are in high demand. Whether you’re an advertising professional, lawyer, real estate agent or work in management consulting, people who can relate to both Singaporean and Western contexts are in high demand. Because it’s just so rare.

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If you struggle while explaining yourself in Chinese, you lose credibility. Of course, your expertise is there. But to the other side, it just seems like you’re hesitant and “a bit off”.

Our professional Chinese course is designed to help you become the top choice in your field for Chinese-speaking customers.

We don’t just help you master highly specific professional Chinese vocabulary, but also discuss at length how it’s done in China. If you deal with Chinese in Singapore, you’re miles ahead of other professionals if you understand their frame of reference and can relate to it exactly. Knowing what they’d expect at home, you’ll be able to set realistic expectations and point out any differences with the Singapore context early on.

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And it’s the same when you travel to China regularly. Misunderstandings arise from unspoken expectations and assumptions. When you sign up for our professional Mandarin course, our teacher will spend a lot of attention on the mindset and expectations of your Chinese counterparts and potential clients so that you can avoid misunderstandings proactively.

The professional Chinese course is highly customized to your profession and personal situation. If need be, we will design an entirely new course from scratch. This means that the professional Chinese course is available only as one-on-one instruction and at a premium price. If a more generic alternative is appropriate for you, we advise you to check out our business Mandarin course.

The Facts: Professional Mandarin Course

  • Minimum: 12 hours
  • One-to-one: S$ 100/hour
  • Full customisation of course materials
  • Schedule: Flexible. We decide it together with you!

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