15 Nov

You’re Still Asking Why Learn Mandarin?

Mandarin Chinese is considered one of the 6 official UN languages – the other languages being English, Spanish, French, Russian and Arabic. Spoken by a billion people worldwide, is also the most used language.

Apart from China, Mandarin Chinese is also being used in Indonesia, Taiwan and Singapore.  Learning Mandarin in Singapore is not only convenient for expats, tourists intending to stay in Singapore for more than a couple of months and for locals too.

Learning Mandarin or any language for that matter will give you a better understanding of a certain country’s culture, history and way of living. One can further immerse oneself in the new culture and understanding their way of thinking by doing so.

It also helps to communicate much more easily and conform to the community.  Learning Mandarin in Singapore will help open up tons of opportunities for locals and expats alike.  More and more Singaporeans especially the ones belonging to the younger generations the so called Gen Y, Z and the Millennials do not know how to speak Mandarin while most Mandarin speaking Singaporeans belong to the middle generation baby boomers.

Those who were already studying in primary school in the 60s when learning a secondary language of their choice was compulsory.

Most find learning Mandarin is unnecessary for most Singaporeans because they can understand and speak fluent English.  Expatriates will find learning Mandarin in Singapore quite useful. From visiting the National Museum where one learns the short but very interesting history of Singapore, to Bugis Street known as the biggest bargain shopping center, to the Orchard Road, one of  Asia’s most famous shopping streets where you can find well-known brands, to the  Hawkers center where you’ll find best and cheapest gastronomical experience Singapore can offer.

These hawkers offer traditional Singaporean foods like Laksa, Kaya toasts, Oyster Omelette and of course the world famous Chili Carbs. These traditional foods are cooked best by the old Mandarin speaking folks in most hawkers centers.

Locals and expats who wants to learn Mandarin is out for a surprise. Mandarin has fairly a simple grammar: no need to specify the gender of the person; verb tenses is not given too much attention.

Chinese characters are considered their alphabet – these characters or symbols are known as the oldest writing system in the world and they seem to increase in number regularly. Multiple tones – Mandarin has 4 different tones and because of this fact a Chinese word can be 4 different things.

Bizarre and fun – Did you know that Mandarin characters can be written from top to bottom, right to left, bottom to top and left to right?!

There are more and more famous people who learned Mandarin like Actress Mira Sorvino studied language majored in East Asian studies in Harvard.  The former Prime Minister of Australia Kevin Rudd majored in Chinese in the National University in Canberra.

But the most recent and perhaps the most popular is the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg who gave a Q & A in Mandarin that left a lot stunned and impressed.  If these busy people were able to give time for learning Mandarin, maybe we can too.