30 Sep

What is SkillsFuture and The Fun Courses it Offers

You’ve probably now heard and know that if you are a Singaporean and have reached the age of 25, then you will automatically receive $500 SkillsFuture credits. If you haven’t heard of this great news then we’re here to help enlighten you.

What is SkillsFuture and why do you need it?

SkillsFuture is a nationwide movement to help equip all Singaporeans with knowledge that will enhance their abilities and achieve their full potential. It even helps fresh graduates to improve their skills further.  Most of the time when they do graduate their skills is still insufficient or in some cases the lessons they learned are rather obsolete.

SkillsFuture earn and learn program, fresh graduates will be placed under an employer that will provide structured training and work with pay. This is to ensure that the graduate learns the necessary skills required to continue or even find a different job.

Even if SkillsFuture’s goal is to enhance your abilities in the society, it can also help improve your skills in some minor yet fun courses.

Here are some fun courses to take that will not only improve your skills but can also be quite a great personal achievement.

Fun courses to spend your SkillsFuture credits on

Learn Photoshop

Do you like taking pictures, and sometimes wish you could edit some parts to make it perfect? Photoshop is a fun course to take and will help you in various ways such as editing pictures in your social media accounts as well as your blogs if you have. This further helps you make your own unique picture instead of using pictures from other people.

Learn Mandarin

If you do not know how to speak mandarin yet, then should definitely learn mandarin in Singapore. Sometimes when you’re in an elevator there’s always a time where you would feel insecure when other people speak a different language.  Here’s a great opportunity for you since SkillsFuture offer basic Chinese and business Chinese classes. It would feel really awesome if you’d reply to them in Chinese, and actually know what they are talking about.

Learn to Cook

If you’re living or just wish to surprise your family with an exciting meal, than this is another fun course for you to try! Skillsfuture offers courses that will enhance your cooking skills and even teach you other delicious cuisines be it Chinese, Malay, and Indian, there are many other types that you will definitely enjoy.

Learn Art

Learning art in general can prove useful in many ways, from decorating your own home to enhancing your designing skills. This is a fun course that will really keep your mind working with new designs and ideas for your own pleasure.

There are many more fun courses SkillsFuture has to offer and it all depends on your preference and where you think you lack. Overall SkillsFuture is great, it will help many people achieve and enhance their own skills.