01 Mar

Unconvincing Views On Learning Mandarin

On Learning Mandarin

Mandarin is a wonderful language that is spoken by over a billion people worldwide. Learning Mandarin opens up greater possibilities for you. With China’s economy being one of the fastest to grow, knowing how to speak Mandarin is going to be very useful.

From job and business opportunities to travel and exploration, Mandarin is the tool that will give you the advantage to do more. There are endless possibilities that await those who’d learn Mandarin.

But why are there still discouraging but unconvincing views and opinions about Mandarin?

Let us tackle some of it below.

 Mandarin is harder to learn than any other language

This is somewhat unbelievable for me. First, when someone says learning mandarin is harder than any other language, you have to ask – Did he actually learn Mandarin? Did he study and learned other languages? How did he learn it? In which points did he compare the two?

These questions are important to determine if those statements are based on actual experience or just simply speculations. Assumptions are common especially to those who has limited experience on learning mandarin. In order for any comparison to be reliable, both languages must have been studied on the same level and intensity.

But the matter is, language learning difficulty is relative to the learner. We all have different styles of learning. For me, saying that Mandarin language is harder to learn than any other language is unconvincing. In fact, Mandarin is very difficult to compare, because Mandarin is unique. Mandarin is even harder for English speakers to learn

Mandarin is even harder for English speakers to learn

People just say this without any basis of comparison. Don’t you think that would also be the case for any native Chinese who learned English? They have been using Mandarin their whole life but many have learned English anyway.

So, just like them, even if you have been using English for decades, learning Mandarin isn’t near to impossible.
With the right reason and determination to learn it, you will be able to understand that Mandarin isn’t as hard as you previously think.

With any other language in the world, it will be challenging at first. You need to accept that and stop listening to all the discouraging opinions everywhere.

Their unfamiliarity of the language makes them say that and just uses it as an excuse for them to quit. But the truth is, they’ve already given up before trying their best first. Thinking like this will just result in further discouragement.

Tones in Mandarin are impossible to learn

Tones are very important in Mandarin. And you wouldn’t totally get Mandarin unless you know the right tones. But it isn’t as big of a deal as you think it is. Mandarin is contextual too.

So, even if you say something with the wrong tone, as long as the context is clear, a native Chinese will know what you are referring to. But be sure to learn it properly if you want to progress further.
Although tones in Mandarin is used differently, English has tones too. This just takes a little bit of practice and once you grasp the technique, you’ll learn how to associate the tones from its meanings.

I’m not going to say that Mandarin is easy but one thing is certain, learning it is attainable. Don’t waste your time on complaining how hard it is. Have a positive attitude and just do your best to learn this fascinating language.