15 Jun

Tips On How To Incorporate Technology In Learning Mandarin

Are you having a hard time learning Mandarin? Do the letters confuse you? Or the meaning you have to memorize for each? Don’t worry you aren’t the only one having a hard time about it. Thousands of people try to learn Chinese for several reasons. It might be for school, business or leisure only. Though, not all of them often succeed in doing so. Change it now! What you just actually need is a dedication and a little help.

Nowadays, learning a language isn’t as hard it was before. The advent of technology has done a lot to change it. There is now the usage of internet, social media, gadget and more that could make it easier and better. Check out the amazing technology can provide help now in learning Mandarin. Beat the old ways and do it more effectively today.


1. Usage of digital dictionaries


Do you have a smartphone? Do you know that an English (any language)-Mandarin dictionary can be installed on it? Try to do it now! Get the best of the more convenient way of knowing what are the definitions of any Chinese word. This way also you can easily refresh your memory about them with just a swipe on your phone. Anywhere and anytime, you can easily practice and memorize words and its meaning.


2. Learn and practice through video call


Chinese friends are surely great to have when you’re learning their language. Though, it’s harder to get the best of their help when you’re far way. That’s curable now with the advent of Facebook, Skype and more. Call or video call them up to speak with them now. It will really be helpful to practice what you learn through it.

Further, learning with a teacher native is also its perk. Many online classes are now being offered on the web. As long as you have the internet, there’s no way why you can’t do it. Meet up with a teacher during your free time and learn better.


3. Online learning resources


Language Learning massive changes are all brought by technology today. Browsing on the web for few minutes lets you pick many Chinese words. From Ni hao ma to Xie xie, you can easily get its meaning and pronunciation without breaking a sweat. Logging in Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter or other educational sites will give free learning resources. This may be pronunciation videos, reading worksheets, spelling quizzes and more.


4. Watching and Listening to anything Chinese


Watching and Listening to any Chinese movie, music or even news are definitely helpful while you’re learning Mandarin. Through them, you can familiarize yourself with language’s proper speech and use. Moreover, you will also get a good knowledge of Chinese culture through it. Getting Chinese movie or music is really hard before. With Youtube and other sites now, it’s just a piece of cake. This is what technology have brought to people. It’s all about fun and convenience now.
With all the Learning Mandarin tips above, you will never surely run out of ways to do it. Stop flipping pages now and just log on the web. Enjoy yourself while learning more conveniently and efficiently.