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The world is coming to terms with Covid-19 as the virus makes its presence felt globally.

Countries hoping to curb the spread of this virus have taken to extreme measures such as border control and quarantining entire cities.

Will the situation get better? Health experts in Singapore predict that the virus might stay till the end of 2020 and we’ll need to prepare for the worst.

We have imposed the following measures for the safety of our students:

  • A hand sanitiser is placed at the reception counter and all students must use it before stepping into the classroom.
  • Scanning of temperature and compulsory health declaration for all visitors.
  • Small group classes of not more than 6 pax to allow for social distancing.

As we are already running small classes, adapting to social distancing is not a big change for the school.

What if the situation gets worse?

It is widely understood that some adverse situations might worsen before they improve. We need to ensure that our students can continue to learn without disruption and prepare ourselves for these long haul challenges.

Introducing offline/online lessons

It means having students in class and online at the same time whilst our trainers develop the skills to cater to an online audience and students in the classroom.

It is not a familiar process to most of them. Trainers will need to relearn and redevelop classroom management skills for handling classes that are simultaneously online and offline.

However, we are pleased to announce that we have successfully managed to develop this capability.

A 1-min sample of our partner school English Express’ recent online lesson. The lesson was affected by the recent closure of the Malaysian border due to the Coronavirus. Instead of cancelling it and delaying their progress, the students agreed to attend an online lesson instead. The lesson went well!

Positive Feedbacks

With this set up, you can attend your lessons without even leaving your home. You can interact with your trainer and classmates who are in class whilst sitting in bed in your pyjamas (but switch off your camera please!).

Of course, there will be some adjustments required on your end. For instance, facing a computer and having your view restricted to the web camera.

Came for lessons and missed the beach? Why not do both?

Just about anyone can buy the tools required for online lessons. But it takes months of learning to get the experience required to successfully deliver the lessons online.

As a school, we won’t let the virus get in the way of our students’ learning. We will remain open as long as allowed, but if you prefer to stay at home, join us online!

In a worst-case scenario, if schools are forced to be closed, then all our lessons will move online.

We pledge to do our part if you are willing to learn. So whatever happens, you can keep learning with us. Check out our Mandarin courses.