11 Jul

Study comes later at a price

Why now and not later
Starting a Chinese program is not a question of when but why not sooner?

First the question, my comments below.

### QUESTION ###

"Hi Candy, I landed on Yi Mandarin, signed up but realize the course fee is not something I want to commit to. I'm putting the course on hold until I got more money."

*** MY ANSWER ***

Until you got the money....

Until you got the time...

Until you got both time and money....

Studying is always a pain point. Something that you could put on hold because you

have a good job.
Everyone in Singapore speaks English and you are good to go with your broken Chinese.

Time is your best friend or your worst enemy.

If you don't progress with time, your skills are decreasing with time.

If you are happy with where you are at now, you will be still be the same tomorrow if you don't do anything about it.

Today you may not need it but, what about later?

If your parents had the same thoughts as you, you may not have gone to school. Why learn stuff in school when you don't need it yet?

They sent you to school regardless of what they had to give you a good education so that you will have the skills to work in the future.

The same thinking should apply here.

What if

Your boss hires someone new and he/she speaks brilliant Chinese to expand to the Chinese market.
Your company closed down.
You don't like what you do 5 years down the road.

You will want a higher pay in your new job but besides "experiences" from the old job, you are not bringing anything new on the table to your new employers.
You will then realise that you had wasted 5 years that you should have spent on improving yourself.

Start today,

set aside time and money for self-improvement or to learn new things.

You may not like it now, the 2-3 hours spent learning could mean

lesser overtime pay for you
lesser time with friends
lesser time for sleep

Even though you feel the above and can't see the benefits ahead of you now, doesn't mean it is not there.

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