15 Jul

SkillsFuture: Sparking Citizens Future

SkillsFuture allows Singaporeans to improve or nurture their skills.  And that can be said true to language learning. With ever increasing globalization, it is crucial to becoming excellent communicators and taking advantage of this opportunity will eventually lead to a wide range of opportunities. This is the very reason why a number of linguists learn mandarin in Singapore.

More and more Singaporeans are signing up for this way of learning mandarin because SkillsFuture Credit consists credits that Singaporean Citizens can utilize and use for payment in exchange for their out-of-pocket course fees whenever they attend courses that are work-skills related. These credits can also be used along with the existing course fee subsidies from the government.

SkillsFuture Credit’s goal is to strengthen the ownership of skills of various individuals and get them in the proper demeanor to constantly improve and develop their well-being by engaging in a lifelong learning process.

Today, employers are subject for subsidies between 50% to 90% of the course fees. These are for the WDA-supported classes. Meanwhile, for the MOE-funded courses, they can sign up for these for 75% to 97% of the cause. There is an Enhanced Training Support Scheme and those under it are compensated with a minimum of 90% subsidy level whenever they sponsor those in their organization for training, no matter what courses they signed up for, up to the post-diploma level.

Also, under the Workfare Training Support (WTS), employers who sign up their employees for these courses can receive higher subsidies at 95% funding. This is why employers are greatly encouraged to check these assistance schemes.

People wonder why the SkillsFuture Credit are for individuals who are 25 years old. This is because, on average, 25 is the age when Singaporean nationals are already both part of the workforce and have completed their education. They are set to begin their own careers. These credits for learning mandarin can be used as work skills as well as education training.

However, it is important to take note that SkillsFuture Credit cannot be transferred to the family or friends of those who are receiving it. Another concern is for retirees who wish to transfer their Skills Future Credit to their children or relatives who are in the workforce. Unfortunately, this is not possible because the main purpose of the SkillsFuture Credit is to support the individual Singaporean in skills nurturing. All Singaporean Citizens 25 years old and above are entitled to this.

SkillsFuture credit can be used not only in learning mandarin but also in other skills such as Photoshop, baking classes, and Digital Marketing. Whatever the national deems to be a field of interest and he wishes to pursue in the future, he can receive credits for these. In

In fact the work-skills related courses are subsidised by public agencies in such a way that $500 worth of credits are already sufficient thus making the training costs already affordable for the individual. There is nothing left to do but sign up and use these for the Singaporean’s future well-being.