13 Sep

SkillsFuture Courses That are Worth Using Your Credits On

With so many courses to choose from, most Singaporeans are left confused on which SkillsFuture eligible courses that would benefit them the most. And more often, their credits are just wasted with courses that aren’t really suited for them or have found out they don’t have much use for it after all.

That’s why it pays to research and make a list of the courses that you are considering to take. That being said, I wanted to list a few courses in which I think would be useful for you in one way or another.

Language Courses

Now, there are numerous languages to learn and it will depend on your reason why you want to learn it. But here are some of my suggestions, which I believe will be the most advantageous for every Singaporean.

  • Conversational Mandarin Course. While some of you may have spoken Mandarin once in your childhood, there’s still a significant number of Singaporeans who have very little knowledge of Mandarin. More than 70% of Singapore’s population consists of Chinese descent, and Mandarin is still the most widely used language. Conversational Mandarin is practical and may be very useful for your career or even in your social development.
  • Business Mandarin Course. You may already know how to speak Mandarin, but you might not be familiar with business dealings with a native Chinese. You may even be asked to work in mainland China or just required to use Mandarin in a more formal setting. Business Mandarin equips you with a deeper understanding of Chinese business from a cultural and language perspective.
  • Business English and Effective Business Writing. We all benefit from effective communication, and it is especially true in the workplace or in business. Learn the essentials of every business aspects and you’ll definitely have the edge over the others. This can be said to business writing too. Effective business writing is also a skill worth learning that will enable you to communicate clearly and professionally.
  • Bahasa Indonesia. Is one of those languages that is becoming more of a popular choice to learn by both foreigners and Singapore locals. Malayu is also a popular option but I would definitely recommend Bahasa Indonesia mainly because Malaysia has a large English speaking population so, there won’t be much reason to spend your credits in that course. I believe Bahasa Indonesia will open up more opportunities for you in the future since there has been a significant demand for Bahasa speaking professionals in Singapore and Indonesia.

Cooking Classes

Singapore, being highly regarded as the food capital of Asia proves that cooking will continue to shape and influence locals and visitors of the country. You can also use your SkillsFuture credits to enrol in a cooking class and learn a valuable skill that you can use in your career, business or even just for personal development.


Knowledge of finance and accounting is important for everyday living. From keeping your finances in order to gauge risks to take and calculate spending effectively. There is no shortage of application for accounting skills, either for business or a management position in a company, you will need a certain amount of accounting skill to be effective. No matter if you want to continue the course to a more advanced level or not, even the basics of accounting is still very useful in many ways.