15 Dec

SkillsFuture Courses That Most Singaporeans Chose

SkillsFuture has been a great national movement and so far it has provided many Singaporeans with new sets of skills. But which courses were picked the most and why?

For starters, there are a vast number of courses provided by SkillsFuture and many Singaporeans chose based on what they needed.

For some it’s to further improve their skills in their specific niche. While for others, they chose courses that would be fun to learn and basically have a great new addition to their knowledge.

Although there are a huge amount of courses to try there are still courses that have been in demand.

Top Course Chosen by Singaporean Citizens

Information and Communications Technology

Based on SkillsFuture, the top course which has been chosen by over 126,000 Singaporeans was ICT or information and communications technology. Younger Singaporeans chose this course to learn more on data analytics, while older Singaporeans chose this to learn the fundamentals in ICT skills.

We can clearly see that the younger generations seem to be more knowledgeable when it comes to technology and wish to enhance their skills in various ICT fields. Technology keeps on evolving and companies would like to have employees with great skills in computers.

The older generation may be less computer literate and since technology is now impacting the society, it’s more likely for older Singaporeans to catch up with technological advancements to continue working in their own niche.

Other reasons why many people choose this course are because of its benefits such as the fact that it guarantees a high pay and there are a huge number of jobs that are open. The main reason why there are lots of jobs in this field is that ICT is very diverse. There is huge range of career options to choose from such as database management, networking, web designing and many more.

Other Courses That Are Beneficial

Mandarin Language Course

SkillsFuture also can be used for mandarin classes in Singapore. This is because most people are with Chinese descent and it would be very useful for those who are still not adept in mandarin or doesn’t have a second language yet. Learning mandarin can be beneficial in many ways such as being able to communicate with almost everyone and for your career advancement.

Technical Writing Course

Technical writing is a very important part of any job and is always utilized in almost any position you may have. This is for you to be able to send formal emails on behalf of your boss or your supervisor. The best part of this is that you will be a more reliable employee and will also keep you confident when you’re given a specific task.

Leadership Course

Most people in general would always want to be in charge of a team. In Singapore the education system doesn’t have an emphasis on leadership skills which may be a reason why Singaporeans are choosing this course. This course is perfect for the average corporate worker that wishes to take charge and enhance their own self awareness and lead a team.