15 Mar

Singapore Expat Essential: Definitely Mandarin

An expat is someone who had left his country to live somewhere else. Well, in this case, it’s Singapore. Generally, people come to Singapore because of work. They become Singapore expat s due to work related reasons. They may have to stay longer for this reason.

Although some planned to come back to their home country, many have decided to stay longer or stay for good. Reasons vary from career move to liking the country and living quality that Singapore provides.

Singapore has been regarded as the easiest country to fit and live into. That’s why whatever your nationality is, you will not have any problem finding expat groups that you can join to.

English is widely spoken in Singapore but the majority of the population consist of Chinese descent. That’s why Mandarin is still the household language choice in Singapore. They also have two other official languages which are Malay and Tamil. And English and Mandarin continues to be learned in schools in Singapore.

So, whether expats are here for work reasons or living for good, learning Mandarin in Singapore is imperative for their career and living quality. By learning Mandarin well, you can optimise your overall experience in the country.

You can talk to a lot more people comfortably and you can fit in well with your local friends and colleagues.
Acquiring Mandarin as a second language in a country that also speaks it gives you more advantage and lesser problems in communicating with the local Chinese people living there.

Although generally speaking, it is seldom that expats have major problems in getting around the city without learning Mandarin, there are instances that you would wish you know Mandarin too.

Miscommunications happen often, especially in the workplace. Keeping good communication with your co-workers, officemates or employees could be the missing link to further your career’s and business’ success. Living in Singapore promises a bright future but only if you possess the discipline that the country exudes.

Living in Singapore promises a bright future but only if you possess the discipline that the country exudes.
Some would say that you’d be wasting time in learning Mandarin in Singapore since almost everybody knows and speaks English and you are going to go back to your home country anyway.

But I definitely disagree. Because for me, if your only reason for learning Mandarin is just to get around Singapore, then you don’t really need it much but I tell you are missing a whole lot.

Mandarin is a fascinating language that gives only benefits and value to your overall living experience in Singapore. You will be able to open vast possibilities not only for your career in Singapore but also in other countries you are looking into.

There are also many Chinese speaking countries around the world that you can try to live in, so there is no shortage of options.

With China’s fast-growing economy and presence all over the world, you can be certain that there will always be demand for Chinese-speaking expats in countries like Singapore to live in temporarily or indefinitely.

So whenever you are thinking about learning a second language in Singapore and ask a fellow expat, there is no question that anyone would say – definitely Mandarin.