our thoughts on learning mandarin

Steps To Master the Chinese Language

Wanting to learn something new in life like a sport, a new hobby or a new language is always something to welcome.  It is a sign of one’s growth and maturity, wanting to improve one’s self but sometimes it is also a sign of boredom.  Whichever it may be what is...

Why Learn Business Mandarin?

Singapore is known as the Lion City, and one of the Economic Tigers of Asia – called as such because of its almost unprecedented economic growth, other countries like Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan are also considered Economic Tigers of Asia. Despite having no...

Are you new in Singapore?

Yi Mandarin is a Mandarin school located in Singapore. We offer online Mandarin classes via zoom and in-person classes at our centre. If you are travelling to Singapore or are already in Singapore, be sure to visit us and ask us for a souvenir.