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If you are looking to learn Mandarin chinese, Singapore has many options and it can get quite tedious to find the right one. Search “Learn Mandarin in Singapore” on google and you will find many Mandarin schools. Most schools offer a mix of both speaking and writing. Here at Yi Mandarin, we decided early on to focus on conversational skills in small group classes. We explained why in an earlier article.

We offer different types of Mandarin classes as well and through a series of questions on this page, we hope to help you decide which one is best for you.

Key in learn "Learn Mandarin Singapore" in map and you will find many schools offering Mandarin courses

Have you learned Mandarin before?


I have learned Mandarin before

We have advanced classes for you

We are happy to continue your Mandarin learning journey.


I am a complete beginner!

We have classes for you

Great! Let's get started on your Mandarin learning journey.

Conversational Mandarin Series

Our Beginner class is carefully designed to let you learn Chinese as quickly as possible. Our textbook, written and produced in Singapore, contains realistic scenarios that will occur in Singapore to get you to practise what you learn in class.

We have two group class options. Choosing which Mandarin class you should join depends on your immediate requirements.

How do you prefer to learn Mandarin in Singapore?

My schedule is rather fixed

I work regular office hours

Group Class

You will study only with experienced teachers in small group settings.

My schedules are irregular

For e.g. frequent flyers or busy corporate clients

Private lessons

You will be assigned dedicated trainers to plan and keep track of the learning schedule. The first lesson is on us! WhatsApp us to schedule it.

Group classes

We have devised different class formats catering to your various needs; from weekly group classes held over 12 weeks, to Intensive Classes for students who need to learn Mandarin Chinese within a limited time frame.

I wish to do classes online

Keep Covid at bay by attending our classes online with Zoom

Online Mandarin class

We hold small group classes online with Zoom.

Indicate your level and you will see the updated class schedule.

Duration: 10 lessons
Course Fees: S$400.00
Registration and material fees: Waived

Onsite Mandarin Class

Learn Mandarin the traditional way by attending our classes in the centre

Onsite Mandarin class

Our onsite class size is 5 pax to maximise your learning experience

Indicate your level and you will see the updated class schedule.

Duration: 10 lessons
Course Fees: S$500.00
Registration and material fees: S$50.00

Business Mandarin Series

If you have learned Mandarin in Singapore for many years but it still takes you a long time to form sentences in your head and you struggle with writing messages in Chinese, or perhaps when your boss asks you to do a presentation in Chinese and you stumble to find the right words, our Advanced Conversational Mandarin and Business Mandarin series will help you in your learning journey. Deciding on which course to take will depend on your current proficiency level.

First, let’s find out a bit more about you.

Are you a Singaporean Chinese?


I studied Chinese langauge as my mother tongue in school.

Business Mandarin series

This course is suitable for Chinese Singaporeans to brush up on their vocabulary for business and to learn about the Chinese business culture.


I am an expat and I have learned Mandarin before.

We wish to contact you for an oral assessment

To ensure that you are in the correct class, send us a message on Whatsapp and let us know your preferred day and time for us to contact you.

We offer a free trial class.