30 Apr

Is It Really Beneficial For Singaporeans To Learn Mandarin

Time and time again, Singapore has been regarded as one of the most uniquely diverse country in terms of culture groups and language. Singapore has four official languages – English, Tamil, Malay and Mandarin, but there are other groups using different languages like Cantonese, Hainanese, Hindi, Hokkien, Punjabi and more.

For me, acquiring different languages will always be beneficial in one way or another. Giving you tremendous benefits on your career or social life. The country’s government has been keen to encourage local Singaporeans to also learn Mandarin. So, there must be a good reason why they do so.
Here are some of the reasons why Mandarin is good for Singaporeans:

Mandarin Is Widely Used

Mandarin is spoken by over a billion people worldwide. So, imagine how many people you can connect with if you learn how to communicate with their own language. Many also believed that Mandarin has the potential to be the next global lingua franca.

Boost On Tourism

A large portion of Singapore’s tourism market includes Chinese tourists. If Singaporeans know how to speak Mandarin, they can definitely enhance the travel experience of Chinese tourists. Through better communication with the Chinese travelers, Singapore’s tourism sector will definitely get a much-needed boost.

Heritage Preservation

Singaporeans are their own people. While it’s true that the newer generations are developing unique language identity like Singlish(Singapore English), Mandarin is still commonly used in most households, since more than 70% of Singapore population were of Chinese descent. It is important that the heritage of the people are preserved and understood too.

Business And Economy

China’s economic advancement means more business potentials for Singaporeans. And to get a better chance on tapping this opportunity, Singaporeans must learn Mandarin too. But, in order to really get the advantage, business Mandarin courses are also available to Singaporeans to really tackle business focus mandarin lessons.

Many foreigners are now learning Mandarin in Singapore because they know how beneficial it is for them. I think learning Mandarin for Singaporeans shouldn’t be a question. After all, learning it should be easier for a local, there’s a big chance you once spoke mandarin at home.

Where ever you look at it, there is one thing clear. Mandarin learning is really beneficial for Singaporeans. So, if you are a Singaporean who doesn’t know Mandarin or somehow forgot about it, it’s never too late to enrich yourself and do something that may help you in the long run. Learn Mandarin now.