05 Feb

Fun Ways To Help You Learn Mandarin Effectively

To learn Mandarin is a huge achievement to any non-Chinese speaking individuals. Especially for people who are native english speakers. Many say Mandarin is difficult to learn. But, learning Mandarin is just like learning any other languages in the world, which can be difficult at first if they do not understand it well enough.

One technique that I have learned through out my entire life, is that whenever I am going to do something that I already know is going to be hard, I make an effort not to repeat it to myself. What I mean is, do not let yourself be stressed by thinking consciously that what you are about to do is going to be difficult and you cannot do it. This will only give doubt a space in your mind and may lead you into discouragement and then failure. My advice is just – do not think. And just tell yourself “I can do it.”

Now, after casting away all of your unnecessary worries, the next thing anyone should do in learning Mandarin is just to have fun. Having fun benefits our entire well-being. By enjoying, regular tasks, lessons and activities will feel less like an obligation. Enjoying is the key to a more focused and stress-free learning. That’s why here I have listed a few fun ways to learn mandarin effectively.

Find a Chinese friend

Making new friends is always a good thing. If you are really sincere in learning Mandarin, find a Chinese speaking buddy. It is better if you can be friends with a native Chinese. This way you can continually practice real conversations with him or her and learn from his/her tone and grammatical structures.

Sing a Chinese song

Mandarin is a tonal language. So singing is very important too. Singing a song is a great way to remember words, phrases and improve your tone. Research a few Chinese songs that you like and try to sing along with it. It is important that you like the song and the melody is easy to remember as to not lose interest.

Do a marathon. A Chinese movie marathon, that is.

What is more enjoyable than watching a good movie, right? Search for a Chinese film and observe consciously. Focus on the way they are speaking, the tone of their voice and how they use phrases and sentences. Also, make sure to turn off subtitles. Some subtitles are not accurate and may confuse you. Watch a lot. You would not even notice that you are learning even more. One extra advice, try to recreate a scene in the movie in front of a mirror. It will do wonders for your speaking skills.

Explore Chinese speaking countries

A true and tested way of learning Mandarin is continuous exposure to the language. You can do this by visiting Chinese speaking nations in Asia. You will be able to use your Mandarin skills in the real world while having fun. Do not be embarrassed to make mistakes, it is all part of your learning. Plus, experiencing their culture greatly helps in mastering Mandarin. Because culture is a big part of the language itself.

There are many learning methods and tips out there, and some may work differently with others. Expose yourself to as much programs as you can to know which learning style is effective for you. So, whatever that will be, just remember to have fun!