30 Jul

The Experience of Expats in Singapore

Being an expat or moving to another country for you to live in, is most of the time hard to do. The difficulties to adapt to a new environment may vary in the culture of the place you wish to go to and especially in the language barrier. Expats in Singapore will be living in a friendly environment and will have a great experience at the same time.

Here are surprising things expats experienced in Singapore

Everybody can speak English

Expats usually struggle with speaking to the natives in a new country, however in Singapore that won’t be the case. That is because most of the people do understand and speak English. The street signs are also in English which will make it easier for expats to go around. Even though most people speak English, it’s always a plus if you know how to speak Mandarin. Learning mandarin in Singapore can be fairly easy and very advantageous especially if you wish to reside there in a long-term.

Singapore is very safe

While most people in other countries fear to let their child play outside without any supervision, in Singapore it’s very safe for your child to play outside. This is because Singapore has a low crime rate mainly because there are severe penalties for anyone who commits a crime.

Singapore is diverse

The population of Singapore is very diverse and there are a lot of different nationalities there. Although the locals are mostly Chinese, there are a lot of other Asian countries mixed there. The government also allows them to celebrate their own cultures and is given a voice in the country.

Basically, everyone respects one another and is overall friendly to any new culture.

The Food is amazing

There are a lot of dishes in Singapore that will make your jaw drop, the most common noodle dishes are found on the street and they are incredibly delicious and cheap. Every night you explore street foods in Singapore there is always something new that is available for you to try out and it will most certainly be an incredible and affordable delicacy.

Experiences that may be hard for most expats

The Climate

The county experiences almost no change in seasons and there is always a lot of rain and humidity. The heat is almost unbearable for most expats and rainy days may cool off the country a bit. However, when the rain stops, the humidity will start to kick in and you’d feel quite sticky most of the time.

It may be expensive

Singapore is actually ranked as one of the most expensive countries for expats to live in. The houses that you would buy or rent would cost a significant amount of money monthly. Aside from the housing costs the gas, food, and education may also hinder expats because they may also be quite expensive. But, don’t worry, there are ways you can do to minimize your expenses in Singapore.

Overall even if there are some almost minor setbacks for Expats to live in Singapore, the environment, and people still come as a huge benefit because of their friendliness and they are easy to cope with.