As an expat, knowing the right language used in the country will be a great advantage for you. If you wish to relocate to Singapore, then learning Mandarin in Singapore is the best way for you to easily cope with your new environment.

Since Singapore’s population consists of mainly Chinese descendants you’ll have the highest chance of encountering them throughout your travels or even when you’re seeking for a new job.

The problem with learning a new language is that you’ll need to invest a lot of your time, which you may not have because you’re still new and earning the respect in your new company or even your neighbours. But did you know that in Singapore there are plenty of mandarin learning schools that teach in small groups?

Learning in small group classes can definitely help you learn Mandarin way faster than learning in a large group class.

How you learn faster in small group classes


This is the most important part in any class because being able to participate lets the teacher know how much you’ve learned. It makes it easier for the teacher to know as well how fast you can learn and how much effort and coaching the teacher has to give you.

In a small group class of usually 4-8 students, the class inevitably becomes a community where each new lesson becomes a discussion among the students and teacher.

Enhanced learning and results

Learning Mandarin can be a challenge however it may be way easier when you’re in a small group class. Usually, when the teacher goes over a lesson it may be finished faster in a small group because the students will become more attentive since the teacher is able to explain and communicate with each individual in the class.

Once a lesson is finished teachers would usually start discussions with each student in mandarin to see how well they’ve understood the lesson. This, in turn, makes it a much more effective method than learning in a larger class.

 Why should an expat learn Mandarin fast?

For starters, moving to a different country may require a lot of time to adapt to the new environment. Which means it will be harder for an expat to move around and get to places to get groceries and utilities for their homes. Most shops in Singapore are often expensive, which is why you need to get in touch or communicate with your local community for advice.

Usually, the residents that you’ll be living in our Chinese and being able to speak Mandarin can be a bonus and can help you get along faster.

Usually, expats in Singapore have acquired new jobs and at times in your new working environment, you may feel out of place because most of your colleagues communicate in Mandarin.

This makes another reason for you to learn Mandarin fast because the more quickly you can start to communicate with your workmates the faster you’ll be able to be comfortable with your new job and environment.

Finally, most expats don’t have that much time to invest in going to schools, which is why they need to learn Mandarin in a faster and effective way. In small group classes, the lessons usually take a less amount of time to complete compared to a larger group class.