15 Sep

Chinese Language Spoken In Singapore

Mandarin is a language spoken by many people, but it is the official language of only a few countries such as China, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan. In Singapore, there are many cultures living together some of which do speak mandarin.

However, is it really worth it to learn mandarin in Singapore? In this article you’ll be able to know how people use mandarin in Singapore.

How Mandarin Is Used In Singapore

Does everyone in Singapore speak Mandarin?

To start this off you’ll need to know the population of Singapore. Where about 74% are Chinese and the rest are Malay or Indian. Since there are still other nationalities mixed with Chinese the most important language spoken among these ethnic groups is English. It’s widely used in most businesses, schools and also in the government.

Aside from English, the people have developed and sometimes speak Singlish. Basically this combines the vocabularies and grammar of all the dialects, like Chinese, Enlgish, Tamil, and Malay. Since most of the population is Chinese, you would likely come across a person who can speak mandarin that even mix Singlish in the conversation.

Is Mandarin in Singapore the same as in China?

There are similar differences in pronunciation and word usage, which are like British vs. American vs. Australian English. They all have something in common yet are either pronounced or spelt differently,

Even though there are differences in their vocabularies, Singaporean vocabulary still isn’t as deep as it would seem in the mainland. If you were to converse in mandarin with a Singaporean there will be an instance where he or she would use English words as a substitute for complex or deep words in mandarin.

What writing style do Singaporeans use?

There are two main styles in writing Chinese, it’s either Simplified or Traditional characters. Naturally since most people don’t speak Chinese mandarin like they do in the mainland, you will definitely see in Singapore that they use the Simplified version. It’s pretty much the only form of writing you’ll encounter in Singapore.

Is Mandarin a required skill in Singapore?

It’s not really that required, because as you’ve read earlier, the language that is commonly used is English. However since most of the population is Chinese descendants it will really be helpful for you if you do know how to speak Mandarin. It can make you feel comfortable and be able to communicate with almost everyone in the country. Plus, the government have been openly encouraging local Singaporeans to also learn Mandarin.

To sum it all up

Aside from English, Mandarin can be considered as Singapore’s second language. While there are some differences in the dialect vs. the mainland, you wouldn’t really need the mainland’s traditional mandarin language. That’s why it’s advisable if you can take mandarin classes in Singapore, then you should. As this will allow you to easily learn the proper mandarin language spoken all over Singapore.