30 Nov

Basic Tips For New Expats In Singapore

We all have our reasons on why we plan to move and become an expat. For some it’s because they’ve found a better job in that country, others seem to do it just for the feeling of living in a new community.

These are mainly the reasons why expats choose Singapore. The community is very friendly and the jobs they offer are decent to make a living. Most expats, however, experience trouble in moving around and adapting to their new environment.

This brings us to the point on why you need to know these basic tips for expats living in Singapore.

Basic Necessities For Expats


This will definitely top the list as expats can’t really roam around freely carrying their baggage right? Normally when you go around looking for a place to stay, you’d see so-called agents who advertise houses for you to stay in. It will be convenient for you if you let them do the work of finding your ideal house to rent.


Food can be a challenge here, most of your recipes or ingredients for your own comfort food will be expensive. It’s always best to eat and shop for ingredients the locals would eat. The best place you can go shopping is either a supermarket or if you wish for cheaper food then the wet market will be perfect for you.

It’s easier and convenient for you to shop at a local supermarket but you will have to expect the prices to be high. The wet markets, however, will be a lot cheaper and most of the goods sold there are fresh so that kind of beats your local supermarket.


For some expats, transportation can be a hassle, well most countries for that matter. Take Singapore differently, as your choice of transportation can always suite your budget.

Taking the buses or trains can be the most convenient method of transportation, the best thing to do is to purchase an EZlink card since you’ll be staying there for a long period of time. This will be your means of payment for going on the train or bus and saves you a lot of time then paying off the counters.

Another means of transportation is Taxi’s, they are of course private and will definitely cost more. The main advantage of these is that it will get you to the place you wish to go to with ease and with comfort.

Bonus: Learn the language

Although English is considered Singapore’s primary language, Singapore has also developed Singlish which is not only fun to learn but will also be a great method or means to adapt in the country.

Aside from Singlish, it can also be a great advantage if you start taking mandarin classes in Singapore.

This is because most of the population living in Singapore is Chinese. This will allow you to communicate with almost anyone in the country with ease. Knowing that you’re also foreign, will make them more excited to learn and befriend you since most locals will be happy to know you’ve learned their dialect.

So, if you’re an expat planning to live here in the lion city for some time, be sure to consider these tips to make your Singapore experience the best it can be!