July 2019 11
Study comes later at a price
Posted By : Alex Lim

Why now and not later Starting a Chinese program is not a question of when but why not sooner? First the question, my comments below. ### QUESTION ### "Hi Candy, I landed on Yi Mandarin,…

July 2019 05
Small group class works
Posted By : Alex Lim

"Candy, I appreciate your emails. Your message moves to separate fact from fiction. I understand you support small classes but there are many schools with large group classes and lesser fees as well. Your method…

June 2019 26
Success Stories
Posted By : Alex Lim

Success Stories Here is one of the Yi Mandarin success story received from our student. ### SUCCESS STORY ### "Hi, guys, I'm unsure when this mail will reach you, but I wanted to send over…

June 2019 13
The Best Chinese course
Posted By : Alex Lim

When we started the first Chinese program in 2012, I thought it would never work. It thought it was too simple because it didn't have more than one class a week. Was it enough? At…

May 2019 22
US vs China trade war
Posted By : Alex Lim

If you have been reading, you would have come across the latest news about Google banning Huawei’s phone users from accessing Google’s suite of services i.e. Gmail, maps and etc. If you think the US…

May 2019 15
Learning another language
Posted By : Alex Lim

Image from The New Paper Urge Singaporeans to learn more languages: Minister Singapore Education Minister, Mr Ong Yu Kung, recently highlighted the importance of learning a 3rd language to about 40 students from 21 schools.…