15 Oct

An Expat’s Job Seeking Guide in Singapore

Looking for a job abroad can be a very difficult task and will require a lot of your patience. Think ahead and see what your goal is when moving to a different country to earn. If you do have your goals set and is looking for the right country to go to, then Singapore would be the ideal place for you.

Singapore is a multicultural country and English is their first language. Learning mandarin in Singapore can also help you adapt and communicate with ease with many people.  This will be easier for you to adapt and make your way around.

Here’s a quick guide for you when looking for a job in Singapore as an expat.

Hunting For Your Perfect Job

1. Use the Web

There’s a huge amount of online job hunting websites that you can use to find your ideal job. Not only will it narrow down the list of jobs that will be available in your niche, it will also help you contact potential employers much faster.

2.  Having the right connections

Most of us already know that when you have a good connection with someone, they’ll eventually be able to get you a job with ease. It doesn’t always work however, having a person that knows you can be beneficial when they do refer you to their company.

You can also try getting know employees of the company that you’re trying to get in to. Make good friends with them and build a new relationship, eventually they will be will to help you out when you do inquire for a job.

3. Give your applications time to be checked

You’ve probably now applied for a few jobs that you think will be perfect for you, here’s the waiting game. As always, the interview process will take time to complete and will usually take roughly weeks or even months before they contact you. The employers are scouring through hundreds of applications for their company which will ultimately take quite a while to reach yours.

Prepare Yourself For The Interview 

Once you’ve sent out your applications there are companies that will definitely contact and set up the interview. Prepare carefully for you interview, the employer may interview through phone call or even a video call. Many expats in Singapore have undergone the same process and the best tip is for you to practice and have good English communication skills and a cosmopolitan attitude toward your niche.

You can also take this time and learn mandarin since most employers will probably be a Chinese descendant. It will help you establish a quick connection with your employer and will enhance your confidence during the interview which can lead to a higher success rate.

In conclusion, no matter which country you prefer it’s always best to plan ahead and even learn some of the country’s culture for you to use as a guide. Even learning a few words in their specific dialect can benefit you greatly in your interviews.