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Learn Mandarin Online

Learn Chinese in the comfort of your own home with a Chinese native speaker in an ultra small class of 8 students.

Smaller class, faster learning –  you could learn Chinese twice as fast in a small group class compared to a larger class.

We are also giving a discount if you wish to learn Mandarin online. The discount doesn’t come at the expense of quality as we are simply passing back the money we saved on classroom resources back to you.

Yi Mandarin is registered with the Ministry of Education in Singapore.

Unsure about learning Mandarin online? Take an hour free online trial class to experience for yourself

Group class learning

In our online Mandarin classes students are able to learn with a teacher in our virtual classroom. Designed with your convenience in mind, you log into our virtual classroom with Zoom and enjoy an interactive learning experience in a ultra small group class. There are no set up require, you just need an internet connection and a tablet or laptop.

Class is available day or night

High quality learning material

High quality learning material

Official certificates from A1 to C2

Classes Made For You

Beat the Covid virus at home by learning something new with your time. Beside paying a lower rate than the usual class, you also get all the usual benefits of studying with Yi Mandarin as well. From the smallest group class in Singapore to a team of dedicated trainers to track your learning progress.

Study With The Best In The Market

Certified lessons and curriculum.
All our lessons and our curriculum follow the international CEFR standards.

We offer a free trial class.