Expand Your Opportunities With Yi Mandarin Online Classes

Are you hoping to break into the Chinese market and scale your business? Or are you looking to increase your potential for landing jobs that may require you to know some Mandarin? With remote work becoming an increasing norm, being able to speak some Mandarin can greatly expand your opportunities.

Or are you an expat in Singapore hoping to be able to connect with the Chinese Singaporean hawkers and get that chicken rice order right? Learning with Yi Mandarin Online Classes would equip you with all the basic Mandarin conversational tools you need to charm your way into the Chinese hawkers’ hearts. Our team of dedicated teachers has created a special curriculum that has 9 accompanying books that would help you not only warm the cockles of their hearts but also get more ham (cockles) in that delicious plate of Char Kway Teow.

Are online classes really effective?

We understand your concerns about online classes. Some of us feel that physical classes are better suited to us. However, online classes are great for the following reasons, especially during the pandemic:

1) More Effective Articulation and Pronunciation 

With the safe-distancing measures enforced, both teachers and students are required to wear masks at all times. Wearing a mask can affect teaching and learning. On one hand, the pronunciation may not be clear. Next, you are unable to read the teacher’s lips. Lip-reading often helps the student to pick up the correct pronunciation quickly.

2) Convenience Without Compromise 

Just like Working From Home (WFH) arrangements, accessing classes online is convenient. You can access the class in just a few seconds with the click of a button! Likewise, if you are based outside of Singapore, you can learn with us without needing to travel. 

Teaching quality and standards are not affected, and you receive the same materials and dedication to your learning needs. 

3. Affordable

Yi Mandarin Online Classes are priced differently from the physical classes. We transfer all our savings to you! 

Take Charge of Your Learning, With Yi Mandarin Online Classes

Why should I learn with Yi Mandarin?

1) We Provide The Best Curriculum to Suit Your Learning Needs

Apart from having passionate teachers and small class sizes, Yi Mandarin’s curriculum is certified by and meets the syllabus requirement produced by Hanban, China. We adapted the syllabus to meet your needs, focussing on effective communication from the start.  We are also registered with the Ministry of Education in Singapore and keep pace with international standards and businesses’ desired proficiency in Mandarin.

2) Small Class Sizes For Effective Teaching and Learning

Our class sizes are intentionally kept small, with only a maximum of 8 students per class. Our small class sizes have proven to be effective in helping our students to learn Chinese quickly, at almost twice the speed of those who attend larger classes.

MOE Reg No.:4224

3) Official Certification Provided

We provide certification from A1 to C2. These certificates are aligned with the standards set out by the Ministry of Education, Singapore. This means that our certificates are recognized by businesses and would help your profile to stand out to employers who are looking for people who can converse in Chinese.

Study With The Best In The Market

Certified lessons and curriculum.
All our lessons and our curriculum follow the international CEFR standards.

We offer a free trial class.