Ever since Sir Stamford Raffles set foot in Singapore in 1819, it has been at the crossroads of East and West. People from Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America have made Singapore their home.

This cultural diversity is what makes Singapore the special place it is today. When people from diverse backgrounds come together, it provides the opportunity to combine the best of everyone.

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But the magic can only happen when people know and respect each other. They need to be able to speak the same language.

We are proud when a Spanish professional surprises the taxi driver with a few words in Mandarin he learned with us. When the Filipino doctor makes her Chinese patients feel right at ease at a trying moment, because she speaks their language. And when a Singaporean plays a key role in a U.S. – Chinese business partnership, because of his deep understanding of both cultures and languages.

Yi Mandarin’s Indonesian-born co-founder Candy Lee didn’t speak Mandarin when she first came to Singapore. As she mastered the language, she saw the opportunities it opened up for her. Through her work with Yi Mandarin, she hopes to help others achieve the same transformation.

Our curriculum emphasizes topics that are of relevance and interest and can be immediately applied. Our classes take place in small groups or on a one-to-one basis to stimulate maximum interaction, which accelerates learning.

Our beginner conversational Mandarin course aims to get learners with no Mandarin background speaking as early as possible. After the first 24 hours of lessons, they will have learned to exchange greetings, ask for directions, read numbers and hold a simple conversation.

For advanced learners and corporate clients, we tailor lessons that cover industry specific terminology and business culture. This empowers them to take advantage of their newly acquired skills at the first opportunity.

Since our founding in 2011, we have had the privilege of helping hundreds of foreigners feel more at home in Singapore. We have also trained numerous top professionals, both foreign and local, from Fortune 500 companies.

In the years to come, we will keep sharpening the way we teach Mandarin. And we will continue to encourage our Mandarin learners to build positive social and business relationships across cultures.

Candy Lee (Centre Manager)

My name is Candy Lee, Centre Manager of Yi Mandarin. You can also call me Ling Nie. Originally from Surabaya, Indonesia, I came to Singapore to learn Mandarin and have been here ever since. Having studied Mandarin myself, I understand that it can be challenging.

That’s why at Yi Mandarin, we have developed a method that will empower even complete beginners to learn Mandarin and understand Chinese culture. And we are never done improving upon ourselves. Learning Mandarin is a very personal journey and we strive to support you in every way we can. If you have any questions, I’m happy to answer them!

Zheng Min (Senior Trainer)

Mina started her teaching career in China since 1999. Since she came to Singapore in 2003, she has been training foreign and local adults Chinese in beginner, social and business levels. From years of experience, she has built her teaching method and style which has helped many foreigners in Singapore in their quest to learn Mandarin.

Mina has taught in many companies such as DBS, Philips electronics, OCBC, Aberdeen, Tod’, INSEAD, BBC News, Cambridge University Press, Deutsche Bank, Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) and BP.

Her teaching method, passion and a nice personality enable her students learn Chinese with fun and impressive results.

Ammy Ng (Student Care)

Ammy Ng is our student care manager. Her cheerful personality and always eager and ready to help makes her probably the best student care manager in the world. She is the person to go to for any request you need during the course of your studies. Request such as makeup classes, class cancellation and etc. The only thing you need to do for her is to be polite when you request.

Our Trainers

Zhu Ting posted a very strong passion in teaching Mandarin language across different levels, from schooling kids to professionals to those in the senior management. Her philosophy of teaching is through differential learning, heart to heart interaction with learners, to inspire them to learn Mandarin with fun and interest.
Zhu TingBachelor degree in Business Administration, Central China Normal University, China
Yan Yan has more than 7 years language teaching experience on adults in various professional field. A native speaker on Cantonese and Mandarin. she holds a double bachelor degree from Beijing Normal University and master degree from Nanyang Technological University.
Huang Yan YanMaster degree from Nanyang Technological University.
Prior to joining Yi Mandarin in 2014, Ji Zhou has been giving Chinese tuition to students. With his near perfect diction, Ji Zhou is now one of our most sought-after trainers.
Ji ZhouBachelor in Chinese Studies (NUS)
Jessica working experience is an added value for students who wish to explore more business Mandarin learning. She has taught many students in different industries such as hospitality and bank, private or group classes, and various professionals from executives to CEOs.
Jessica LuoBachelor Degree majoring in English Literature, Central South University of China,
Huang Jin has taught Mandarin in the most established language institute in Shanghai for over 2 years. She has consulted and taught professionals from all over the world, countries including USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India, Germany, and many more. Most of her students in Shanghai are from fortune 500 companies, e.g. Bayer ,Ikea , L’oreal , BV, Henkel, Bosch, etc.
Echo HuangBsc BA Shanghai University of China
Kailing has over 10 years of experience in teaching social and business Mandarin. Her students are mostly expatriate adults, working in large corporations like Deutsche Bank, Essilor Amera, Goldman Sachs and Keppel Corporation. Being fluent in more than 4 languages, she is best suited to teach expatriates who are keen to learn Mandarin in Singapore.
Shieh KailingDegree in Education Beijing University
Tian Shu has been teaching Mandarin to adult students from all walks of life, and she makes sure at the end of the study all her students walk away with a valuable Mandarin learning experience.
Ge Tian ShuBachelor’s degree double majoring in Art and Psychology